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Estimated proportion from diet by hottie-rearing period and reproduction nest

Estimated proportion from diet by hottie-rearing period and reproduction nest

Version in the ? fifteen Letter philosophy certainly one of reproduction colonies differed in respect towards chick-rearing months (Fig cuatro)

This new telecommunications ranging from breeding nest and hatching time showed that the newest improvement in ? thirteen C values with hatching timing ranged one of breeding colonies. Only in the Suhaam, ? 13 C philosophy of girls enhanced 0.24 ± 0.07‰ a day (0.10–0.38‰/day) along the hottie-rearing several months, when you find yourself there is certainly zero proof transform for the almost every other colonies (Gujido: -0.04 ± 0.10‰/big date -0.24–0.15‰/day; Namdongji: 0.02 ± 0.06‰/date -0.10–0.13‰/day; Chilsando: -0.05 ± 0.09‰/big date, -0.23–0.12‰/day).

To possess ? fifteen N, a full design differed significantly about null model (? dos = , df = twelve, p 2 = 8.54, df = 3, p = 0.036) and you can reproduction colony and you will hatching big date (? dos = 9.23, df = 3, p = 0.026), since telecommunications ranging from hottie-rearing several months and you may hatching big date getting ? 15 N wasn’t high (? 2 = step 1.09, df = step 1, p = 0.292; S2 Dining table). The lower design showed that ? fifteen N opinions from girls differed anywhere between chick-rearing attacks just during the girls at the Chilsando, in which ? 15 N thinking towards late hottie-rearing period were step 1.01 ± 0.33‰ down (0.33–step 1.68‰) than those in early hottie-rearing period (Fig cuatro).

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