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Nicky have gender that have a female shield in exchange for heroin

Nicky have gender that have a female shield in exchange for heroin

Year Around three [ ]

Nicky collaborates that have Luschek, with which she possess an enthusiastic adversarial relationship, to sell the heroin taken regarding Vee inside the seasons two. When Angie and you can Leanne discover the hide invisible regarding the laundry and commence playing with, Luschek retrieves they and you will threatens her or him so that they you should never give some body. But, Angie and you may Leanne aware CO Ford away from Luschek’s facts, and you will after he really does little, give other COs lastly Caputo. This prompts Caputo to locate Luschek’s table. Immediately after Caputo discovers a case off heroin one Nicky had stashed here, Luschek snitches for the Nicky to save himself, and you can Caputo sends the lady so you’re able to Maximum-security.

12 months Four [ ]

Nichols has been kept in Maximum, being employed as a cleaning people. Nicky goes to a keen AA conference and you may gets a processor to have becoming clean for a few many years, and you may she seems to be doing well and become truly proud of this lady hard-earned sobriety (Piece of Shit). Nichols talks having Stella, and is revealed they’d a brief sexual relationships for the Maximum, but once Nicky sees one to Stella are providing heroin, she informs Stella to remain out of this lady. She temporarily talks to Sophia regarding SHU, sliding her a newsprint to learn to take and pass the amount of time. While Nichols is within maximum, Luschek get many frustrated emails away from the woman and you will actually starts to become guilt for just what the guy did. If you find yourself undertaking the woman normal rounds within the SHU, a guard informs Nicky to clean a blank mobile covered during the bloodstream.

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